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8/30/2014Lancaster Water Reclamation PlantLancaster, California, USA34.791428, -118.159344The Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant in Lancaster, California, USA provides treatment for up to 18 million gallons of wastewater per day, serving a population of approximately 160,000 people. In addition to producing reclaimed water, the Lancaster WRP also processes all wastewater solids generated at the plant. The solids are anaerobically digested, centrifugally dewatered, and stored in concrete beds where additional drying occurs before they are hauled away and beneficially reused. Methane gas is produced during the digestion process and is used to fuel the boiler used to heat the anaerobic digesters.www.overv.eu
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Rejected bumper sticker ideas
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Guess 1996Photographer: Dewey NicksModel: Ingrid Seynhaeve
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"Legendes", Vogue France, October 1999Photographer: Eric TraoreModel: Jade Parfitt
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By Emily Blincoe

Happy Labor Day! A long-time favorite of Things Organized Neatly, Emily Blincoe, featured on NPR’s Fresh Air blog (one of my favorite NPR shows) spotted by Charles, my partner in my other other blog, Fadient.
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"Land Girl", Vogue UK, January 1996Photographer: Tim WalkerModel: Iris Palmer